He’s a violinist, composer, producer and also employs a wide array of instruments whose names are pretty much unpronounceable for non-experts; however, Pajwan is a musical expert. It was quite a sound decision for Paji to move from Aachen, Germany to Berlin in 2018 and to create an electronic music-based album for the Berlin-based label Katermukke. Berlin is a place where cheerfulness and madness can be found side by side. An inspiring tension in which one immerses only to retreat hours later, inspired to create. Paji himself uses the expression „beyond borders“ to describe the results of this creative process. The club and nightlife world has opened its doors for Paji’s unique style and approach – and Paji has opened his inner doors for influences to take in from the world of clubs.Who would’ve thought when he, aged five, laid hand on his violin for the very first time?


Katermukke, Kittball Records


Berlin, Germany


Worldwide, except India