Embarking on an impressive musical journey that began at the tender age of four, talented producer and DJ Danca has secured a solid position in the electronic music scene. Early on, her love for music manifested as she started playing the piano, composing her own pieces on the piano during her youth, particularly captivated by film music. In her adolescence, Danca delved into rock music, contributing songwriting for a band and even trying her hand at singing. However, it wasn’t until her early twenties that she discovered her passion for electronic music and synthesizers. Driven by the ambition to become an outstanding producer, she immersed herself in the world of digital audio production, dedicating weekly efforts to creating new musical compositions.

The year 2021 marked a pivotal turning point as Danca, in addition to her role as a producer, also made a name for herself as a DJ. Quickly gaining recognition from a renowned agency, Danca has since enthralled audiences with performances in renowned clubs across Germany, including Ritter Butzke and Sisyphos in Berlin, Harry Klein in Munich, and Tanzhaus West in Frankfurt. Her international career took flight with a performance in Mexico, where she captivated audiences at venues like Confessions in Tulum and Casa Cobra in Guadalajara with her energetic performances. Throughout the festival season, Danca became a sought-after act at prestigious events such as Echelon, Isle of Summer, Schall im Schilf, Feel Festival, and Noizy Festival in Hamburg.

A significant highlight for Danca was the beginning of 2024 when she played the warm-up set for Innellea’s album release party in Munich, adding another remarkable chapter to her journey. Danca also fulfilled her longstanding dream of releasing her own music. Last year, she founded her own label, Synthphonie, releasing music that was featured on Spotify’s „Electronic Rising“ playlist and even dropping a track on the label of Radio Sunshine Live. Continuing her success story, this year, she released music on the renowned Berlin-based label Ritter Butzke Records, achieving another milestone in her career.

Looking ahead, Danca aims to continue producing and releasing music that emotionally resonates with people. Her work and every production are executed with immense passion and dedication. She strives to transmit this unique feeling to the dancefloor during her performances, ensuring that each set becomes unforgettable and beautiful. Her mission is to establish a profound connection with her audience through her music, transforming the emotional journey on the dancefloor into a one-of-a-kind experience.


Ritter Butzke Records, Sunshine Live


Munich, Germany