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Weekend Heroes started their way as collaboration project between 2 electronic scene veterans Felix Nagorsky aka Timelock and Eli Baltsan aka DJ Zombi.They met first in 2009 with goal in their mind to create music which will be different but insame time speaking easily to wild audience, a perfectly balanced blend of Progressive House & Melodic Techno.Since beginning of 2010 Weekend Heroes started touring the world frequently with theirdynamic and pumping Live Act. They play quite often to crowds up to 10’000 clubbers at amazing stages as Ministry of Sound(London), Pacha (Sao Paulo), New City Gas (Montreal), The Block (Tel Aviv) and summer festival around the globe.Never stops a productive studio sessions, countless new EP’s and Remixes hitted the market. Remix requests and collaboration request as some very interesting results came up –Remixes forTim Healey, Tomcraft, Jerome Isma Ae, Wally Lopez – introduced WH as serialtop sellers remixers and collaboration trax with Paul Van Dyk, Jerome Isma Ae, Paul Thomas,Sebastian Kreig tells about their network abilities.


Afterlife, Einmusika Recordings


Tel Aviv, Israel